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Q: Why Should I purchase a Crossle Coils Heat Exchanger?

A: Crossle Coils have a long standing reputation for manufacturing a quality product with an emphasis on meeting delivery requirements. All our heat exchangers are manufactured from only the best materials and modern manufacturing equipment that is available. All our coils carry a 12 month materials and workmanship guarantee on the condition they are installed and maintained correctly.

Q: Can Crossle heat exchangers be installed either Horizontal or Vertical?

A: Crossle Coils Heat Exchangers can be manufactured for either Horizontal (Laying Flat) or Vertical Installation. It is most important to discuss your requirements for coil orientation with us at the point of order as the circuiting of the coil will differ. Coils manufactured for Heating or Cooling with liquid flow through the tubes can not be used for Steam duties.

Q: Why is my Heat Exchanger not performing?

A: Most problems encountered with Heating or Cooling coils can be traced back to incorrect installation. In most of these cases the installation violates long established rules formulated over many years of field experience. There is no doubt that a carefully engineered installation carried out in consultation with us will prove more economical in the long term.

Q: Are Crossle Coils Heat Exchangers Pressure Tested?

A: All our Heat Exchangers are subjected to Hydrostatic Pressure Tests at Ambient Temperatures using air over water prior to delivery. In house Test Certificates can be issued at no extra charge if requested. External Design Verification along with Third Party Inspection and Witnessed Testing using Certified Gauges is available if required by the customer or the relevant manufacturing standards. There are additional charges involved with this procedure.

Q: How is the Plate Fin bonded to the Tube surface?

A: All our Heat Exchangers utilise a die formed, plate type Stainless Steel, Copper or Aluminium Fin. The fin collars are accurately drawn to provide fin spacing and also to ensure maximum contact with the tube surface. We employ a specially developed Burr Oak progressive tube expander to expand the tubes to give a positive and permanent metal to metal bond between the fins and the tubes. Coils in excess of 5 metres long can be expanded with this modern and accurate machine.

Q: How are Crossle Coils Heat Exchangers designed?

A: We have access to long standing, manual selection programs that have been continually upgraded and refined over time since the company was established. We have since developed our own in house software for all of its products, based on these proven manual selection programs. Our heat exchangers are engineered and designed to satisfy all customer requirements for a compact, robust and reliable – quality heat exchanger.

Q: What is the Primary Surface of a Crossle Coils Heat Exchanger?

A: The Primary Surface of the heat exchanger is the Tube Surface.

Q: What is the Secondary Surface of a Crossle Coils Heat Exchanger?

A: The Secondary Surface of the Heat exchanger is the Die Formed Plate Fins.

Q: Can Crossle Coils Offer On Site Consultation?

A: Our engineers can visit your site – Australia wide – for the purpose of discussing your heat exchanger requirements, measuring and quoting. With modern means of communication it is most often more economical and prudent to provide and receive information through normal channels, but this on site service is available if necessary. Please consult us to discuss.

Q: What happens if I have a Coil Failure?

A: We can provide you with a coil replacement very rapidly. Lost production is costly and leaking coils can also contribute to an unsafe environment for nearby workers. Leaks can cause spoilage of stored goods and corrosion of equipment. In the unlikely event that a Crossle Coils heat exchanger has failed – we have extensive records and can usually replicate the coil quickly. If the coil is supplied by another manufacturer we can usually offer a replacement that will suit the application. Nobody gets a coil to the scene of a breakdown faster than Crossle Coils. Please contact us with your requirements.


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Our History

We are an Australian manufacturing company originating as W.G. Crossle & Co. Pty Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia. Established by William G Crossle, an Irish immigrant, more than 70 years ago, the company is the oldest and original Heat Exchanger manufacturer in Australia. More recently the business has become part of the Windsor Group of companies continuing the high quality manufacture of custom heaters.


Our core business is the design and construction of Plate Fin heat Exchangers for industry. Specializing in contract coil manufacture for government, corporate and independent contractors and purchasers, Crossle Coils Heat Exchangers are designed, engineered, and built, to provide longevity in a compact, efficient, high quality heat exchanger that meets all of your requirements.


We are based in Dandenong, Victoria, in modern facilities, with the most up-to-date machinery and skilled staff, we offer not just the experience gained over this sustained period of trading, but a special insight into quality production and on-time delivery.