Unit Heaters

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Crossle Coils make a Unit Heater that is sure to meet your space heating requirements.

Our range of Unit heaters are manufactured for use with High or Low Pressure Hot Water, High or Low Pressure Steam or Thermal Fluids.

Our standard units have powder coated cabinets with adjustable directional louvres on the front, and removable egg crate grille at the rear for safety purposes, and to provide access to the fan & motor.

Special Unit Heaters can be manufactured with Stainless Steel Coils and Cabinets for production area’s where ease of cleaning is a requirement.

Units are available with either single phase or 3 phase electric motors.


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Our History

We are an Australian manufacturing company originating as W.G. Crossle & Co. Pty Ltd. of Melbourne, Australia. Established by William G Crossle, an Irish immigrant, more than 70 years ago, the company is the oldest and original Heat Exchanger manufacturer in Australia. More recently the business has become part of the Windsor Group of companies continuing the high quality manufacture of custom heaters.


Our core business is the design and construction of Plate Fin heat Exchangers for industry. Specializing in contract coil manufacture for government, corporate and independent contractors and purchasers, Crossle Coils Heat Exchangers are designed, engineered, and built, to provide longevity in a compact, efficient, high quality heat exchanger that meets all of your requirements.


We are based in Dandenong, Victoria, in modern facilities, with the most up-to-date machinery and skilled staff, we offer not just the experience gained over this sustained period of trading, but a special insight into quality production and on-time delivery.